Welcome Back To Freelancing

March 6, 2020 As you may or may not know, as of March 1st I have officially started my own business. Since I have been a full time entrepreneur for a whole 4 days, I thought I would share an update on...

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Stepping Back Into The “Unknown”

February 12, 2020 Today I am sharing something that is a little different than my usual article. While in the past I have focused my blogging energy on sharing trends, and best practices for businesses to...

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The First Responder Gets The Client

January 23, 2020 When a business is asked about how important customer service is, they usually rank it as one of the foundations of success. One of the most important contact points of customer service is...

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Using Individualization In Marketing Is Key To Driving ROI

November 13, 2019 As technology progresses, so do the demands of the average consumer; brands need to do more to stand out if they want to get ahead in today’s marketplace. One of the ways that brands can...

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Entering The Age of Experiences and Purpose

October 27, 2019 As millennials take over the workforce and become the driving force of the economy, businesses are noticing that millennials are living their lives differently than previous generations....

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Using Data To Influence Creative

September 5, 2019 With companies beginning to turn to digital advertising campaigns as their main source of growth, data is becoming increasingly available; however, many businesses are not yet optimizing...

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Your Gift Cards Should Be Front & Center

August 12, 2019 If you aren’t positioning your gift cards properly, you could be missing out on a rapidly growing industry. The gift card market is continuing to expand with gift card sales totaling...

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Making A Digital Investment To Sell Your Business

July 26, 2019 The approaching retirement of many baby boomers is set to cause a never before seen wave of business ownership transfers. Over the next five to ten years, it is estimated that 72% of...

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Your Google Business Listing Should Be Your Best Friend

July 14, 2019 With the rapid increase in mobile devices connected to the internet, more and more people are using their devices to find local businesses and search for services on the go. According to...

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Understanding The Voice Search Revolution

June 12, 2019 With the importance of SEO in a marketing plan, many businesses are now wondering how voice search will impact their reach. According to a study by comScore, it is estimated that 50%...

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