As technology progresses, so do the demands of the average consumer; brands need to do more to stand out if they want to get ahead in today’s marketplace. One of the ways that brands can stand out from their competition is by using individualization in their marketing.

With digital media becoming the leading advertising platform in 2019, the way businesses tailor ads needs to become more individualized and targeted to continue driving growth.

While traditional TV & OOH advertising platforms reach a large audience, the audience you are able to reach is broad and messaging is either lost on the majority of viewers, or the creative becomes so generic it doesn’t have the impact it needs to succeed. Digital media campaigns, however, give marketers the opportunity to create hyper focused niche campaigns to speak directly with consumers in order to connect on an individual level. This creates new possibilities for businesses to create impactful messages and to build loyalty with consumers one to one.

The importance of individualization in marketing can be seen clearly through email campaigns. Individualization directly impacts open rates as well as conversion rates. In a study by Campaign Monitor, it was found that emails with personalized subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened. It was also found that marketers saw a 760% increase in revenue from segmented campaigns. A separate study by Experian on personalized emails found that they generate a six times higher transaction rate vs. generalized emails.

With individualization and segmentation in email campaigns continuing to prove higher ROI’s, they are becoming more common place. The trend of individualization is beginning to spread into other digital platforms. Marketers are beginning to apply the same tactics by building individualized landing pages, web banners, bumper ads, and other pieces of collateral, in order to create niche campaigns that outperform non-individualized digital advertising campaigns.

When launching a digital campaign, it’s worth asking how your audiences can be segmented and split into multiple campaigns in order to be more impactful for individual user niches within your consumer base.


  • Digital media spend will be higher than traditional media spend in 2019
  • Personalized emails have higher open and transaction rates
  • Segmented emails see an increase in revenue

Last modified: January 23, 2020

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