With companies beginning to turn to digital advertising campaigns as their main source of growth, data is becoming increasingly available; however, many businesses are not yet optimizing the use of this data when it comes to the creation of new content.

It means very little if you are collecting and analyzing data gained from marketing campaigns, but you don’t take the next step to use the insights in new creative. One of the best ways to make use of this data is to embed key insights into the briefing process.

In a survey done by visually, when creative teams were asked about working with their marketing teams only 18% believed their teams did well when it came to sticking to a brief, and less than 25% of marketers did a good job of briefing well. By including insights gathered form previous campaigns, as well as data about your target audience in your brief, you can help add context, and help give a creative team direction.

According to SocialCode, small insights obtained from data can help significantly increase performance. An example being that users respond better to ads featuring homes that look like they could be next door, versus homes with less-familiar architecture. Using this data the creative team was able to choose homes with recognizable architecture in each target market, leading to a 10% higher volume of clicks.

It is important for companies to take the time to analyze the data they collect, and pull insights. While data alone cannot drive the creative process, it is important to share data and insights with creative teams so they can use it to create a foundation for their work.


  • Less than 25% of marketers do a good job of briefing
  • Including data & insights while briefing can add context & provide direction
  • Small insights can significantly increase performance

Last modified: December 31, 2019

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